Few words about us

Activate Fun was established in 2009 with a unique and versatile multi-sports programme aimed at children under the age of 5 years. I wanted to provide a fun based physical class for children to encourage them to try a variety of sports in a fun and supportive environment all the while introducing children to the “good habits” of exercise.

The classes were a success with children loving the activities and learning new skills all of the time and adults all appreciating that the classes not only aided physical development but emotional and social development too.

Over time the Activate Fun Programme© has evolved and adapted to consider a multitude of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) criteria, this is exemplified by our EYFS Breakdown Document (available to download in the PACK Arena) which helps practitioners plan children’s observations through our classes. We created the acronym P.A.C.K. which stands for Physical Activities created for Kids and that became our statement of intent!

The next natural progression for us was to introduce a dance/movement based programme to further what Physical Activities Created for Kids that Activate Fun can offer for its PACK Members. Just like our multi-sports programme our dance/movement programme has proven to be a success too and this is thanks to the fantastic level of instructors we have recruited to become PACK Leaders that help keep the programme as contemporary as it is fun!

Over the past 7 years I has become we, we have grown into a team of dedicated coaches (PACK Leaders) who love our job and appreciate the role we play in children’s development. The reach of Activate Fun has grown every year since we began, introducing more and more children to The PACK!