Active Families


Dont let exercise be a stranger!

This day last week (Saturday) my family and I took part in The Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation event name The Family Mile. Our girl is 6 and our boy is 3 years old and I thought it would be fun to take part in the event, not only would it be fun but the medals looked AWESOME and I really wanted to earn one, so essentially I dragged my family along with me......i'm joking....kinda.


We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to the sound of terrential rain, so that was nice. We got dressed as appropriately as we could, grabed an umbrella and made our way over to Victoria Park in Latchford. We got there nice and early, received our numbers, pinned them to our tops and went outside. There was music and a chap on the micrphone setting an atmosphere for all of us taking part (500+ people). Our kids danced in the rain and splashed in puddles whilst waiting for the event to start. 15 minutes before we started the mile The Foundation volunteers gathered everybody together and lead us through a mass group warm up, running on the sport, stretching, star jumps, all good fun and our children (obviously certified PACK Members of Activate Fun) knew what they was doing. After the warm up we were guided to the starting point of the mile, at this point the rain REALLY started to fall and you could hear the groans of some of the participants as reality set in, it was going to be a wet one!


We counted down from 10 and we embarked on our family mile. There was a youth rugby team, groups of men who were to play in a touch rugby tournament later in the day, there were buggies being pushed, lots and lots of families and there was even a lad in a tiger onesie! We started on the track and then we followed the soaking wet volunteers directions out of the park and around the exterior of the park. Our kids started off running with us, the boy had slowed to a walk by the time we left the stadium area, whilst the girl was keen to run off and leave us behind. I was trained to believe "Your're only as fast as your slowest team member" so we all kept with our boy initially. By the time we got to the (water logged) grass part of the mile it was clear our girl needed to be let off her leash, she really wanted to run so I went for a run with her whilst mummy stayed back with boy. Girlie and I ran on ahead splashing puddles under our feet left and right, during a slight bend in the path, naming no names, one of us slipped over and fell on the grass we both laughed about it and then the girl picked me up and we continued our run, we looked back to see the boy perched up mummys shoulders! Eventually our girl was tired from running and so we waited for mummy and boy to join us to finish the mile together. I carried boy once we got back to the stadium until we got to the last 100 meters because I wanted us to all finish on our feet and together. Little did we realise the kids had different plans, once we got to the last 50 meters our girl sped away from us for the Win whilst being chased down by Mum. Inspired by this boy ran off and left me for dust too meaning i finished dead last as far as our hosuehold is concerned! We received had a drink of water and a piece of fruit each (supplied by The Foudnation) and received our medals. Everybody was soaking wet through but everybody was smiling after a great morning of fun and activity.


Active families share memories, active families have fun and active families are togehter. Going for a walk, doing the gardening, cycling, going for a run, wall climbing or dancing, anything that helps increase your heart rates together, introduces our children to that feeling of exercise, the effects of exercise on our bodies and our minds and gets the kids good and tired for bed time! We are often thanks by parents because after an Activate Fun session their children are tired out and settle down for a nap or will sit for a while to allow parents some time to do that washing thats been piling up! We shouldn't let exercise be a stranger to our children but at the same time I don't see why parents cant join in, have fun and get a bit of sweat on too! If we as parents can show our children its good to step forward then our children will step forward. If we show our children it is ok to fall on our face (on a field full of puddles) get up, laugh and play on then our children are more likely to do the same. We all want our children to be fit and healthy, I think that parents should make some time to set that example too, I mean why not? Yes we all live busy lives but the guidlines suggest we get in just 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise as adults, so use those 30 minutes so why not do something active and fun with as a family?