Why Football IS Coming Home

Victory in defeat


For the past month, the country of England has been locked in on one simple truth. It's Coming Home. Women knew it, men knew and children knew it. It is coming home. 


The sun has been shining its brightest smile upon us here in England for the past month and seemingly everybody caught football fever.  


Gareth Southgate had selected his squad of youthful, fresh faced footballers and done away with the old guard, so Wayne Rooney was out, Joe Hart was out and in their place were young lions (pun intended) like Jesse Lingard and Jordan Pickford. Southate had stated on a number of occasions he wanted to give us national team to be proud of amongst all of the contrary stories that football players in 2018 do not have interest in playing for their country because of their well-publicised weekly incomes.  Once the whistle blew and it was game time the England national team played with energy, pace, precision, determination and passion! It was exciting to see and it captured everybody’s imagination quickly and the belief of It Coming Home grew and grew through the early knockout stages, I mean come on, we even took a win through a penalty shootout!  The semi final was as far as England would make it though as Croatia outplayed our boys over the course of 120 minutes of football. At this point of the story I would like to think you are puzzled as to why I have tried to be a sub moderate sports reporter but here is where this story and Activate Fun comes together.





Now I realise that football doesn’t need more fans in England, exposure to football is plentiful and you can’t throw a stone without hitting an amateur team for children to join but over the past few weeks I have seen so many excited children, wearing their England kits, cheering for England and telling me exciting tales of how they watched the football with mummy and daddy. Nursery settings had England flags up and were encouraging this football hysteria that had taken over the country.

Football players had always been role models but not necessarily the type we wanted for our malleable children on or off the pitch.  That energy and passion from the England players was crossed over into the hearts of each and every child watching, the passion brought out of us viewing adults had infected the children too and it has created. Over a 6 month period we deliver 13 different sports but as fate would have it I have been delivering football sessions this past 2 weeks and it has been really fun having children celebrating the goals they score like their new heroes and singing It’s Coming Home.

Here is to Qatar 2022 because no, the England football team have not won the 2018 FIFA World Cup but believe me when I say football has come home, we have players to be proud of, the nation has justified optimism and this squad has captured the imaginations of a generation of children that will support and imitate them on all of our local parks for the coming years.