Sports Leader

Why did you become a sports coach?
I've had a love of sport from an early age. As I grew so did my interest in sport and fitness. For me
sport has always been about challenging myself. The results of training hard really pay off, not just
physically but also mentally. I love sharing my knowledge and skills with others, especially when it
helps them exceed their goals.

What is your coaching experience, in terms of years and places you have worked/volunteered?
I have been a Personal Trainer for over 11 years. I started off working in a community gym at a
secondary school. The gym was open to both adults and kids. I was often asked to go into the
school during the day and lead a specialised PE session in the gym. During the school holidays I ran a
sports based program for kids aged 5 and upwards.
I have been teaching karate since my early teens. First as an assistant to my Instructor, then later I
ran my own classes.

What coaching qualifications do you have ?
Diploma In Personal Training
GP Exercise Referral
Exercise To Music

What other relevant qualifications/courses do you have?
Black Belt 3rd Dan Wado Ryu Karate

What is your favourite sports/teams?
I tend not to watch sport on TV, as I prefer to do.

What do you like to do with your spare time?
Reading; I'm currently working my way through The Witcher series
Spending time with my dogs, Spud and Sasha

I love spending time at the beach
Saturdays I can usually be found volunteering at a local Birds Of Prey Centre

If you were a zoo animal, which would you be?
I would be a Ferret. Why a Ferret you ask; Ferrets are playful, mischievous and entertaining

How long have been a PACK Leader?
I am one of the newest PACK Leaders and am looking forward to the exciting journey Activate Fun
have started me on.

What is your favourite part of leading The PACK?
This is a tough one, seeing the smiles on the kids faces as they have fun is so rewarding. Being able
to be the big kid that I am and acting silly, not taking myself seriously.

Tell us a funny story from your time being a PACK Leader.
Coming soon!