Danny W

Danny W

Sports Leader

Why did you become a sports coach?
I’ve always had a passion for fitness. I grew up in a family of 7 and competition was high, until I excelled with the forces.


What is your coaching experience, in terms of years and places you have worked/volunteered?  

I’ve trained regiments for active duty for 7 years and I’ve had my own personal training company for nearly 2 years.


What coaching qualifications do you have ?

Military PTI

Personal Trainer Level 3


What other relevant qualifications/courses do you have?

I was the highest I could go as a Whacky Champion at the Whacky Warehouse and I also have 3 very crazy children of my own! In the forces I was also a team medic.


What is your favourite sports/teams?

Merchant regiment rugby team.


What do you like to do with your spare time?

Running, cycling and swimming. I am currently being coached for my swimming to become a stronger swimmer.

I love to catch up with old army pals and go feeling with them. I have climbed Snowdon too many times to count.


If you were a zoo animal, which would you be?

A very cheeky monkey. You will understand when you meet me!!


How long have been a PACK Leader?

just over a month and counting


What is your favourite part of leading The PACK?

The PACK Members happy little faces and being able to be myself is very rewarding.


Tell us a funny story from your time being a PACK Leader.

To be confirmed!!!!