Founder/Sports Leader

Why did you become a sports coach?
I started coaching to work up my volunteer hours for my CV when I started my degree at Edge Hill University and caught the bug.

What is your coaching experience, in terms of years and places you have worked/volunteered?
I held a volunteer role coaching a rugby team for 10 years, during which time I also worked as a community coach for Warrington Wolves Foundation.

What coaching qualifications do you have?

  • Rugby League level 1
  • Rugby League level 2
  • Cricket level 1
  • Rounders level 1
  • Athletics Level 1

What other relevant qualifications/courses do you have?

  • Paediatric 1st Aid
  • Emergency 1st Aid
  • Safe guarding
  • Autism Awareness

What is your favourite sports/teams?
My sport is Rugby League and my team is Wigan Warriors

What do you like to do with your spare time?
What is spare time!?

If you were a zoo animal, which would you be?
I’d be an elephant.

How long have been a PACK Leader?
Since day 1! 9 years and counting!

What is your favourite part of leading The PACK?
There really is so many! The story I’ll go with is at the end of a class when I am told by staff that a particular child is usually so shy but came to life and was full of confidence in my class, that’s a nice feeling.

Tell us a funny story from your time being a PACK Leader.
Again, so many to choose from but one that has stuck with me for over 5 years was the time I asked a group to think of things that are white, I said “things like milk and sheep” and one PACK Member pointed out to me (in front of the whole group-so very confidently) that the sheep isn’t white, the WOOL is white…… that was me put in my place!