Sports Leader

Why did you become a sports coach?
I just wanted do something I love day in, day out – being involved in sport. At the time I didn’t realise just how much of an influence you can have on children and how rewarding it can be to pass on your knowledge, it’s for this reason I’ve remained a sports coach ever since.

What is your coaching experience, in terms of years and places you have worked/volunteered?
Over 10 years of working with all age groups from toddlers to adults both home and abroad with people from all types of backgrounds. Current projects alongside Activate Fun include working in Moscow, Russia in schools, football clubs and academies. Previous employers include Blackburn Rovers FC and Challenger Sports in the USA.

What coaching qualifications do you have?
 - Football Level 2

 - Rugby Union Level 1

 - Basketball Level 1 

 - Cricket Level 1

What other relevant qualifications/courses do you have?
Emergency First Aid, Paediatric first Aid, Safeguarding Children, Current up to date enhanced DBS. I also have acting awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), something which I have found definitely comes in handy whilst trying to entertain young children!

What is your favourite sports/teams?
To play its Football and Cricket. I’m a massive Manchester City supporter and have had a season ticket for over twenty years, the relegations and terrible times of the past make today's successes all the more enjoyable.

What do you like to do with your spare time?
I play football for my local team, follow Manchester City and do a lot of running events. Travelling, whether its through being a sports coach or holidays/days out with family and my little boy Harrison, who is 4.

If you were a zoo animal, which would you be?
Something fast as I’ve still maintained my speed and agility despite my advancing years!

How long have been a PACK Leader?
6 years

What is your favourite part of leading The PACK?
Going to work every day to play sports, having lots of fun and to be a role model for PACK Members making their first steps in sport. It doesn’t seem right to call it ‘work’

Tell us a funny story from your time being a PACK Leader.
There’s usually something each day that makes you laugh when working with kids, over the past couple of weeks one of the newest members of the PACK Ava keeps calling me Thomas so I said ‘Ava, my name is James why do you keep calling me Thomas?’ Her reply was ‘Ah, well I knew you had the same name as one of those tank engines off the telly!’