Head of Dance/Dance Leader

Why did you become a dance instructor? 
I have danced professionally up to the age of 30 and taught dance all of my adult life. I would like to continue to pass the wonderful experience of dance to children/adults.


What is your coaching experience, in terms of years and places you have worked/volunteered?


I have taught dance for 30 something years now. Passing my teachers qualification at the age of 18. I have worked and taught all over the world.  


What coaching qualifications do you have?


I.S.T.D. associates.


What other relevant qualifications/courses do you have?


 - Early Years Foundation Degree

 - N.V.Q. 3 Child Care.

 - Paediatric First Aid.

 - Autism Awareness

 - Observation and Assessments as well as many more nursery/school relevant



What is your favourite dance style?


Tap is definitely my favourite and musical theatre a close second …I also enjoy the cha cha


What do you like to do with your spare time?


Enjoy my family and friends who I adore. Theatre trips. Swimming. Most definitely eating out.


If you were a zoo animal, which would you be?


I like the idea of being a monkey because they are always full of fun and are entertaining to watch.


How long have been a PACK Leader?


Just started and I’m looking forward to building a good relationship with PACK Members and the Activate Fun team.


What is your favourite part of leading The PACK?


Sharing the joy and freedom of dance as well as supporting the children to do so.


Tell us a funny story from your time being a PACK Leader.


I have lots of funny stories working within a nursery for the past 14 years. Christmas time is always entertaining when nativity comes around.  I’m looking forward to all the children’s comments and ideas within the sessions.