We decided to expand from Activate Fun from being a ‘multi-sports club’ in the rather early days because we felt that limited us greatly. It was decided to change our focus to becoming all about ‘Physical Activities Created for Kids’ in 2011, this allowed us to look at a much wider variety of ways to get children physically active and having fun. The next physical activity we knew we wanted to offer the children was the chance to dance, we found the perfect PACK Leader for this role with a life time of participation and over a decade of dance instructing experience, created our own Activate Fun Method dance programme and introduced lots more children to The PACK only this time the activities were movement based, featured music and dance styles such as hip hop, ballet and tap. This is an obviously change of pace from sports but it was an ideal option to offer our schools, especially considering the transferable skills used in the movement of dance into sports, agility, balance, coordination are all very important in both programmes and Dance has been a successful inclusion to our offerings.


We are very proud that Activate Fun Dance classes were devised by and in association with Purple Gecko Youth.