Our S.Move (Sound & Movement) classes have proven very popular since they began at the start of 2017. We have had lots of help from Miss Samantha, who runs Purple Gecko Dance Academy creating this programme. The S.Move programme was an evolution of our old dance programme, now our the classes are themed on a half termly basis. So each half term we'll be looking at themes such as Safari, where children move to African music and move like animals found in a safari environment, The next term we go in to Space, PACK Members are doing lots of fun things with that theme, such as walking on the moon and playing games with a space blanket and reading a little bit of a childrens book about astronauts written by famous astronauts Chris Hadfield. We also provide S.Move Specials, which are classes that would tie in with significant multi-cultural calendar dates, such as Chinese New Year, Holi, Diwali and Easter themes. all of which will help the PACK Members understanding of the event and will work perfectly with the settings plans on deliver themed activities for their children that week too!


We decided to break away from our traditional delivery around dance styles because certain styles may carry a stigma with them that would result in anything less than 100% PACK participation and with Activate Fun focusing on inclusion we needed to prevent this undeniable pattern. When we sat down and brainstormed other methods to engage all children we realised that using themes would allow us to tie in with your settings topics of learning to make a more comprehensive service as well as give children an opportunity to use different equipment and hear sounds and music typical of the given theme!

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